60th Strat Trivia


As we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster in 2014, we’ll be posting weekly trivia questions to see how well you know your Strats. Post your answers in the comments below or on social media with the hashtag #Strat60, and keep checking back for the latest trivia.

1970s Strat Trivia

The Stratocaster guitar’s body-end truss rod adjustment was changed to a headstock-end adjustment, and its neck plate changed from a four-bolt design to a three-bolt design with a built-in neck-tilt mechanism in what year?

On the shores of Switzerland’s Lake Geneva, the members of Deep Purple watch from their hotel on Dec. 4, 1971, as what nearby building is destroyed by fire started during a concert by what artist, thus inspiring 1972 proto-metal classic “Smoke on the Water” and the world’s most imitated Stratocaster riff?


Eric Clapton’s long devotion to the Stratocaster began in earnest in 1970 when he launched his solo career using a 1956 model nicknamed “Brownie” to record not one but two albums. What are their titles?

1960s Strat Trivia

Jimi Hendrix ended his famously incendiary first major U.S. appearance, at the June 1967 Monterey Pop Festival in Monterey, Calif., by dousing his Strat with lighter fluid, setting it aflame and smashing it at the conclusion of what Chip Taylor-penned 1966 garage-rock classic?

To accommodate a larger logo decal, Fender enlarged what part of the Stratocaster  in late 1965?


A droning low-A note marks the first appearance of a Stratocaster on a Beatles track when the group records what song on Feb. 15, 1965?

Eric Clapton eventually got around to buying a Stratocaster in 1967. He was moved to do so by three seminal Stratocaster guitar-wielding figures—one a boyhood idol, one a personal friend and the other a flamboyantly influential electric blues pioneer. Who are they?

In 1962 in particular, the Stratocaster rode the huge vocal and instrumental surf music wave, exemplified that year by what Beach Boys debut album, and the exotic instrumental fury of what classic Dick Dale single?


1950s Strat Trivia (Answers below) 

In the mid and late 1950s, what noted R&B artist’s inventively screaming Stratocaster work made dramatically full use of swooping, diving tremolo arm technique that pre-dated Jimi Hendrix by a full decade?


One of the most enduringly acclaimed rock ‘n’ roll/rockabilly outfits of the 1950s featured a revolving-door lineup of guitarists including Cliff Gallup, Willie Williams, Johnny Meeks, Russell Willaford, Howard Reed and the band’s own leader, several of whom often wielded Stratocasters. What band is it?


The Stratocaster had already been around for three years before millions of U.S. television viewers got their first good look at one on Sunday, Dec. 1, 1957, when what artist played one on The Ed Sullivan Show?


When it was introduced in 1954, the Stratocaster had an especially elegant feature not seen on any previous Fender instrument, included at the insistence of Fender sales chief Don Randall, who wanted the guitar to have a more high-end appearance that would appeal to more “serious” guitarists. What was it?


The prototype Stratocaster guitars of 1953-’54 featured an ingenious new bridge design that Fender referred to—in something of a misnomer—as a “tremolo” bridge. It actually enabled what different shimmering effect?


 1950s Strat Trivia Answers:  Ike Turner, Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps, Buddy Holly, A sunburst finish, Vibrato 


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