Sting on his Fender Bass

Sting sig bassSting’s Fender Signature P Bass® (above) is modeled after the 1954 bass he discusses in Rolling Stone.

The June 24th issue of Rolling Stone (the one with the imposing Jay-Z cover) has a great Q&A with Fender artist Sting on page 28.

The magazine asks Sting about the story behind the Fender bass he played during the Police’s reunion tour.

“It’s from 1954, slightly younger than me,” he answered. “I found it over 20 years ago, and it was like a little orphan that nobody wanted. I know for a fact that Leo Fender wound the pickups himself. That’s a magician at work.”

Sting is currently in the middle of his tour with the 45-piece Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Tour dates and ticket info available here.


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