Steve Miller talks about Music Education


During a recent show at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, Fla., Steve Miller spent three-and-a-half minutes discussing the importance of music education.

“I’m a little concerned about the fact that we’re not teaching our children music anymore,” he said to the audience. “In fact, I’m more than a little concerned; I’m very concerned.”

“I think that we’ve let something really important go in our culture in America – and that’s music and arts in elementary school,” he continued. “When there’s a little trouble with money, the first thing they cut is music in the schools. We know that we have to have music in our lives.”

Miller also mentioned the Fender Center and its Kids Rock Free program, which offers FREE music lessons to kids, noting that over the last 10 years the program has taught more than 10,000 kids how to learn music. He then invited one of those students to join him onstage to play with his band.

Check out this video shot from someone in the crowd that night. Warning, it’s a bit bumpy and not a great visual, but it’s important to spread his message.


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