Squier O-Larn Signature Stratocaster Series II

Squier Olarn Signature Strat

New for 2013, Squier and Thailand’s premier guitar ace O-Larn Promjai are delighted to join forces once again to bring you the acclaimed musician’s second signature model, the Squier O-Larn Signature Stratocaster Series II.

After the success of his 2006 signature model, the original Squier O-Larn Signature Stratocaster, O-Larn has drawn inspiration from the great Fender Stratocasters of the 1950s for the newest Squier instrument to bear his name. Along with some later design touches that he prefers, such as a maple fingerboard and large headstock, it’s a distinctively cool new signature Stratocaster.

Dedicated to the name’s quality and value, O-Larn has wielded a Squier as his main guitar for nearly a decade now. He has endorsed Squier guitars in Southeast Asia for several years, working closely with Thai Fender distributors and U.S. and Asian Fender and Squier staff. At the summer 2006 press conference unveiling his prototype model in Bangkok, Thailand, O-Larn called his new signature guitar “an honor” and described it as “one of the most important things in my life.”

Primarily a rock ‘n’ roll player, O-Larn requires hot pickups on his guitar, although he also frequently uses the clean sound of single-coil pickups for melodic work. Accordingly, the new O-Larn Signature Stratocaster Series II model features three high-output single-coil pickups that can be combined seven different ways thanks to a special push-pull on/off switch. Combined with the guitar’s standard five-way pickup selector switch, the result is a remarkably versatile instrument offering great new tonal variety.

The O-Larn Signature Stratocaster Series II model also features an alder body, a “soft V”-profile maple neck with a smooth satin urethane finish and large headstock, and a comfortable 9.5”-radius maple fingerboard with black dot inlays. The guitar is available in gorgeous White Blonde, Trans Blue and Two-color Sunburst finishes.

O-Larn launched his music career in Thailand in the early 1980s. With his band, the O-Larn Project, his skills as a performer, composer and arranger grew along with his popularity in Thailand’s burgeoning rock scene. As his homeland gradually became more open to Western culture in the ensuing years, O-Larn’s albums and performances earned him widespread regional success and acclaim.

View the Squier O-Larn Signature Stratocaster Series II product page.


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