Sonic Youth Featured in Filter Unbound



Find out everything you need to know about Sonic Youth in Filter Unbound: The Exclusive, Enhanced, Interactive, Online Authority.

The 80-page digital magazine includes the complete history of Sonic Youth, with commentary from the band and peers like J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr and Mike Watt of The Minutemen.

It also features a complete discography with notes about each album from the band. For instance, of the 1982 Sonic Youth EP, Kim Gordon noted, “Made in two 8-hr. sessions at Radio City Music Hall. The janitor let us in the back door. We wanted it to sound like PiL. We were lucky it came out sounding like a record.”

Gordon also names 1995 album, Washing Machine, as one of her favorites.“It was relaxing to be out of N.Y., recording in Memphis,” Gordon said. “Can’t believe it ever got made. Coko was 8 months old; she met her first Elvis impersonator.”

For more on the band, including exclusive audio, video and media and much, much more, click here.




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