Some Gifts Worth Waiting For

Over the weekend, we received dozens of tweets from people who received new Fender guitars this holiday season, such as Literate_Monkey who tweeted, “I got a sweet @Fender Thinline Tele for Christmas this year. Plays like a dream. Can’t wait to leave work and get back to playing it.”

But there were others, like FelixiusBlack who is still seeking the Fender Arctic White Maple Neck Standard Jazz Bass.

So for those disappointed, I’d like to quote a wonderful article by Tim Woodward in the Iowa Statesman.

“Often we remember the gifts we don’t get — or have to wait years for — more than those we do,” writes Woodward, who goes on to share a story about 77-year-old Lewis Swank, whose letter to Santa in 1940 was featured in a James Castle book.

Woodward also recalls his most memorable ever Christmas gift — a Fender Jazzmaster that he saved up for two years to buy.

“There weren’t many presents at our house that Christmas,” recollects Woodward. “Fighting self pity, I was trudging back to my room after the gifts were opened when my mother “discovered” a mysterious string under the tree and conspiratorially suggested that I follow it to see where it led.

“It led to a bedroom. There, under a bed where the string ran out, was a guitar case. My folks had clandestinely placed the order months before, making up the difference between my savings and the purchase price and swearing the dealer to secrecy.

“Opening the case released a wave of something akin to new-car smell, only better…”

It’s a terrific, sentimental read so head here to enjoy the entire story!


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