Say Anything Soundcheck


Parker Case, Jake Turner, Alex Kent and Jeff Turner

Fender took in Say Anything’s soundcheck this afternoon at Tempe, Arizona’s Marquee Theatre, where they will headline a show tonight.

The indie rock band (minus singer Max Bemis and guitarist Jeff Turner, who missed the first part of soundcheck due to his walk over to University & Ash to browse at a few vinyl shops), ran through a couple of tunes, including my personal favorite­­––“Hate Everyone.”

After resolving an annoying buzzing sound and posing for a few photos, Jeff and his twin brother Jake (also a guitarist), keyboardist/guitarist Parker Case, bassist Alex Kent and drummer Coby Linder spent about an hour talking about their band, the new self-titled album and how much they love Fender.

“One day I walked into this vintage shop, Moonlight Music, in Encinitas, Calif., and on the wall there was this ’77 Fender Precision Bass®,” said Kent about his all-time favorite Fender bass. “I had literally just bought a bass; I was 16-years old and working at this bar six nights a week to buy bass equipment. But I go in this store and this bass was yelling at me. I saw it and thought, ‘I can not leave without getting this bass.’ It’s a natural finish with a tortoise shell pickguard, all original from ’77. It was the Holy Grail. I literally had just spent $1500 on a bass two weeks prior to that, saved up so much money, cleared out my bank account and I traded in that brand new other bass I got. I lost $700 on the deal and gave up my old saxophone, everything I had just to get that bass. But it’s my go-to bass. I use it on all of our recordings.”

Fender also caught up with Moneen, tonight’s supporting act. The band has dealt with some serious bad luck since they last rolled through Arizona in mid-October. Following their second van breakdown, the band drove through a fluke storm and despite going a mere 20mph, they slid off the road into a ditch and rolled their van. No injuries occurred, save for the van, which was basically totaled.

“It’s been crazy, but hey, we’re still here,” said lead singer Kenny Bridges.

And so the show goes on…

Update: Photos from the show


Parker Case

SAdrumsCoby Linder

SAjeffJeff Turner

SAjakeJake Turner

SAalexAlex Kent

maxMax Bemis

SAparker2And again, Parker


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