Saves The Day Releases Documentary: 'Finding Daybreak'

On the heels of their 2011 album Daybreak, Saves The Day has released a documentary titled Finding Daybreak that takes a look behind the scenes of the band’s first offering since 2007.

“In the spirit of letting go of our cares and surrendering to who we are in our hearts, we decided to make the documentary ‘Finding Daybreak’ as a way to drop the veil and let our fans see the real people behind the music,” singer Chris Conley told Spinner.  ”The video for ‘Deranged & Desperate’ is about shedding our adult pretenses and posturing, and finding our innocence again as adults living in a complicated world. As lifelong musicians, we have the opportunity to carry our creativity into the world and live from our hearts, and while it hasn’t always been easy to remain innocent and carefree dealing with the reality of making ends meet, it is the undying faith and loyalty of our fans that keeps us going through the endless ups and downs. This documentary tells our story of perseverance, and gives our fans a glimpse of who we really are, why we make music, and why they are the reason we will never give up.”

Saves The Day currently has two more U.S. tour dates before embarking on a lengthy romp around Europe and Australia.  Visit the band’s official website for more information.


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