Ron Wood Featured in 'Guitar Aficionado' & 'Guitar Player'


Legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood got some play in Guitar Aficionado’s Jan/Feb issue. Wood, who recently put out solo album Feels Like Playing, discusses his recent collaboration with London-based label Liberty on a line of clothing decorated with his colorful paintings.

“Everything looks incredible,” he tells GA. “It’s a very nice complement—a natural progression from what my art says on a canvas to how it transfers to fabric.”

Most of the spread is centered around fashion, but Wood also dishes on his recent solo album and his main workhorse, his 1955 Fender Strat. Wood models with the ’55 Strat (see above), which he calls “my old faithful” on page 90 of the magazine.

Check out the full piece by ordering the issue here.

Wood also dons the cover of Guitar Players New Products 2011 issue. Inside, he goes into great detail about the inspiration, gear and guest collaborations on Feels Like Playing.

“A lot of the songs came together in my hotel room in the afternoon, and we put them together in the studio in the evening,” Wood told GP. “I was surprised at the way everything fell into place— like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together nicely and without any pressure.”

Wood also discussed his good friend Jeff Beck.

“I think it’s so impressive,” said Wood of Beck’s direction lately with orchestrations. “I was with Jimmy Page a couple of weeks ago and he said, ‘There are guitar players, and then there’s Jeff Beck. He just takes it to a completely different realm.’ Jeff is still like a kid in a candy store with a guitar. He’s always going, “Man have you seen this? (mimics Beck’s guitar playing). He’s bending and pulling and making it sound like a pedal-steel or playing harmonics with a slide. He’s still very experimental. He’s got all of those licks from Cliff Gallup amalgamated with his classical style of playing, and he combines it with an erratic bluesy style and a bit of comedy.”


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