Robin Trower Featured in Guitar Player

Robin Trower

By Jimmy Smith 

Strat master Robin Trower is featured in July’s issue of Guitar Player Magazine. The in-depth interview touches on subjects such as Trower’s gear, latest album Roots and Branches, his technique for recording his solos and the influences that have shaped his definitive style.

When asked which blues player most influenced him in the beginning of his career Trower recalled that, “BB King was the first guy. I wore out his Live at the Regal, and then I got into Son House. Albert King became my favorite blues player.”

Trower revealed that his main guitars the last seven or eight years have been signature Stratocaster models made by the Fender Custom Shop.

Of his older guitar collection,sadly, not much remains.

“I have one ’57 Strat,” he shared. “I gave it to Robert Fripp ages ago, but about ten years ago he said, ‘I never play it, you should have it back.’  I used to have a vintage guitar collection but the guitars were stolen, and since then I decided to just play new guitars. You get too attached to those lovely things.”

Whether you are playing a vintage or new guitar, Trower said it’s up to the player to get “the best sound.”

He did share a few tips to his approach though when working with Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Tood Krause.

“I work on the acoustic sound first and make sure it sounds as strong as possible, which often means having quite a high action,” said Trower. “If you get the acoustic sound strong it should be good when you amplify it. I also asked for the bigger headstock because I thought more wood might make a bit more resonance.”

The interview is a great read and is available in the July issue of Guitar Player magazine.


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