Richie Kotzen Talks New Album, Signature Guitar In Vintage Guitar Magazine

Fender signature artist Richie Kotzen discusses his latest album, 24 Hours, in the January issue of Vintage Guitar magazine.

Kotzen says he can’t pinpoint a specific source of inspiration behind the new record, but that might help him continue to make quality music.

“I just started adopting this philosophy with my records the last few years where I’m not going to put anything out until I have something I like,” Kotzen tells Vintage Guitar. “As opposed to the other way around, where you make a deal and the company tells you we need a record by such and such a date. Once I abandoned that kind of philosophy, I started making better records.”

The soulful Tele-wielding maestro also touches on his new signature guitar.

“It’s a Fender Telecaster – black, no pick guard, all under-mount electronics,” Kotzen tells the magazine. “The body is made of basswood, so it’s a lot lighter than my old guitar.”

Kotzen is hitting the road for a European tour beginning Feb. 29. For show dates and more, visit Richie Kotzen’s website┬áhere.

Also, be sure to pick up the Jan. issue of Vintage Guitar here to read the full interview.


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