Ray Davies in Phoenix


(Posted by Jeff Owens)

Fender was delighted to attend last night’s performance in Phoenix by Kinks leader Ray Davies, currently on a solo acoustic tour touting his 2009 Kinks Choral Collection disc and continuing the popular “storyteller” concert format he pioneered so successfully in the 1990s.

Ably backed in duo form by ace guitarist and longtime friend Bill Shanley, the rock legend and prolific Well Respected Man covered four decades of exemplary guitar-driven pop songcraft with a set composed in equal parts of Kinks classics and solo gems, all punctuated by his characteristic charming eloquence and wry humor.

A full Dodge Theater audience devoured the show with unabashed adoration and abandon, especially when Davies and Shanley brought the opening act, Los Angeles quartet The 88, back out for a raucously electric and electrifying finale of “You Really Got Me,” “David Watts,” “Low Budget,” “Celluloid Heroes” and “Lola.”


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