Rain Doesn’t Damper Arctic Monkeys’ Lolla Set

A heavy deluge of rain and menacing clouds may have delayed the start time for the Arctic Monkeys scheduled 6 p.m. Lollapalooza set, but it didn’t dampen the festivity one bit. Several savvy fans began digging plastic bags out of trash cans for cover while others merely ditched their shoes and began slipping and sliding through the mud pools in merriment.

The severe rain finally dissipated, leading thousands of fans at the front of the stage to start chanting the band’s name. One young man began singing the theme song from the musical Annie. “The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow … ”

The severe rain finally disappated, and the sun did in fact come out for a short bit just as the Brit rockers got going. Watch below as they perform “She’s Thunderstorms,” a rather fitting song given the circumstances.


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