Radiohead Rocks The Senses On Saturday Night

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All the DJs at Coachella this year might be adept at dropping the beat, but Radiohead proved Saturday night that their live show is just as much of an assault on the senses.

Utilizing an extensive lighting and video display rig, the British band leaned heavily on some of their more electro-centric songs.

The guys dropped a few tunes from 2011′s The King of Limbs (“Lotus Flower,” “Morning Mr. Magpie,” and “Give Up The Ghost”), and rightfully so.  It’s their latest full-length.

But there were also several older favorites.

From 2007′s In Rainbows, Radiohead pulled out “15 Step,” “Weird Fishes/Apreggi” and “Reckoner.”

Of course, singer Thom Yorke also turned in a haunting version of “Pyramid Song” from 2001′s Amnesiac.

The band didn’t need any props for a singalong version of “Karma Police,” however.  The massive crowd gathered by the Main Stage and VIP area held up their wireless devices to record one of Radiohead’s rare U.S. appearances.

Those in attendance also got a lucky treat, as Radiohead played a moving “Daily Mail,” one of the songs that is included in the The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement DVD that was released last December.

In the song, Yorke sings softly over a pleading piano before he ramps up and is joined by a crunchy guitar solo.

Yorke also noted that “Identikit,” which they played midway through the set, was a brand new song they’ve only been performing for less than two months.

“We’re playing new songs to prove we are still alive,” said Yorke.

Now, about those light displays.

Radiohead was bathed in color from all directions, with a different color scheme for every song.   The giant video backdrop would turn from light and dark blues for one song, and then light and dark oranges for another.

There were also several square display boards above the band that got repositioned with each song, as well.  These relatively smaller displays showcased closeups of each band member as they played.

It is a sight to be seen – and heard – for sure.

Midway through their headlining gig, Yorke turned to the crowd and said, “We’re a band called Radiohead.”

The collective cheer from the crowd in response was a good substitute for a collective “Duh!”


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