Radiohead Kicks Off World Tour in Miami

Radiohead kicked off their 2012 world tour earlier this week in Miami, debuting two new songs “Identikit” and “Cut a Hole,” while also reportedly playing OK Computer-era B-side “Meeting In the Aisle” live for the first time.

The night also served as a chance for guitarist Ed O’Brien to debut his latest guitar — a Johnny Marr Jaguar.

“It feels awesome, and then plugging in, it’s got a totally unique tone, very different from any other Fender,” noted O’Brien. “Personally it isn’t like anything I’ve got … Sonically maybe nearest to my Rick at times. I love it man!”

The Jag, played through his Fender Vibro-Kings, makes an appearance in the video below around the 1:30 minute mark.

Radiohead tour dates here.


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