Pure Guitar Reviews ’57 Bandmaster


'57 Bandmaster

Pure Guitar has posted an excellent piece on the new ’57 Bandmaster reissue that includes both a historical perspective and product reviews by father and son team Ritchie and Jack Fliegler.

Ritchie introduces his review with this:

Q) 100 years ago, what did they call organic farming?

A) Farming.

Q) In 1957 what did they call the Bandmaster?

A) An amp.

“If ever there was “an amp,” this is it. It’s a mashup of all the good things amps are made of.”

Meanwhile, his son Jack, a badass shredder who plays in metal band Singularity concluded with this:

“I feel strongly that this amp would be a deadly weapon in the hands of a furious blues guy. When I was playing some licks on my bridge pickup, the transient aspect of each note dug so deep into my ears I thought I was hearing gunshots. Staccato bridge-pickup players will fall in love with this amp for sure!”

Head here for the entire review.


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