Pumpkins Set To Re-Issue 'Gish,' 'Siamese Dream'

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The Smashing Pumpkins will re-issue their seminal early 1990s recordings Gish and Siamese Dream on Nov. 29, but members of the band’s Record Club can already preorder the albums.

It’s not just going to be another print of the releases, however.

Both records are getting the remaster treatment, and there will be an additional CD of rare and unreleased tracks, as well as a live DVD.

Fender signature artist and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan himself commented on both albums.

On Gish, he said, “Recorded in 1990 and 1991, Gish represents our first foray into the deep waters of rock and roll.  In the music within, I still hear our naivete and fresh spirits asking to be heard, and I miss the times that helped make this music so earnest.”

And regarding the massive Siamese Dream, Corgan said, “In 1992, with the weight of a perceived world on our shoulders, we disappeared into a parking garage to write the songs that would change the course of our lives forever. Siamese Dream represents all of our dreams coming true, while the dreams of a happy band fell apart.”

As a bonus for SPRC members, the Pumpkins will include another gem, called the “Frail and Bedazzled Instrumental,” a demo from Corgan’s earliest days. There are also liner notes and track-by-track commentary from Corgan, collages, photos and postcards to round out the deluxe offerings.


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