Pro Guitar Shop Demos the American Vintage ’65 Jaguar and ’64 Telecaster

Pro Guitar Shop recently put two of Fender’s American Vintage guitars through the paces with extensive video demos.

This time, it was the American Vintage ’65 Jaguar and the American Vintage ’64 Telecaster, and Pro Guitar Shop had positive things to say about both.

“This legendary short scale guitar shares the same period correctness and complete redesign as the other Fender American Vintage models,” the reviewer wrote about the Jag.

“After close inspection and micro measuring of original 60′s production Teles, Fender offers a completely vintage spec guitar which includes new pickups and the most accurate details from Fender’s history,” they noted about the Tele.

True, the goal of the American Vintage series was to dive deep into Fender’s roots, including key features and design elements from the original guitars from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s.

Take a closer look at each instrument in the demos below.

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