Premier Guitar Reviews Vibro-King 20th Anniversary Amp

Premier Guitar recently gave a Fender Vibro-King 20th Anniversary amp a complete run through in an online product review.

The music mag said the amp deserved four-and-a-half out of five pics for its tones, four out of five for ease of use, four out of five for build and three-and-a-half out of five for value.

“Even though the Vibro-King recipe is concocted from familiar old-school Fender elements, it sings with a unique voice that’s suited to a variety of blues and classic rock settings,” wrote reviewer Jason Shadrick. “The higher-gain settings are a great fit for most ’70s rock. And if you prefer a slightly cleaner—but not pristine—palette for coloring with pedals, the Vibro-King can cover those bases too. The Vibro-King’s abundant character is helped a lot by the 3×10 speaker configuration and the big 100-watt transformer, but in the end the amazing responsiveness is the real star. With a good sense of dynamics, a player can squeeze out a set’s worth of tones with a few simple twists of the guitar’s volume and tone knobs–a real throwback to the days when your feet weren’t dancing around an assortment of different colored LEDs. Combining that with a muscular punch makes the Vibro-King a modern-day classic.”

Read the full review here and check out an accompanying video below.


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