Premier Guitar Reviews the Fender Cabronita Telecaster

Jason Shadrick of Premier Guitar recently took a Fender Cabronita Telecaster for a spin, noting how the Fender-built FideliTron pickups give it more attitude than a typical Tele.

Shadrick gave it three and a half out of five “picks” for tone and four out of five for versatility, build and value.

“Anyone who’s had the privilege of playing a Custom Shop Cabronita Especial may wish the Cab had more sparkle and dimensionality, but by putting the basic recipe within reach of players on a humbler budget, Fender has shown that it’s heard the pleas of scores of Tele forum members,” he wrote.  ”Until now, the masses who’ve lusted after Cabronitas have had to resort to time-consuming DIY projects that often yield mixed results or custom builds from lesser-known sources that still charge fairly significant sums.

“Many of these real-world players will find the Cab’s stock guitar sounds just fine, but even those who want more of the Custom Shop twang and articulation will be thrilled at how easy it now is to swap the pickups out for any of the models in Mr. [TV] Jones’ diverse line and essentially have a Cabronita Especial at a fraction of the cost.”

Watch a video portion of the review below and read the full review here.


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