Premier Guitar Reviews Pawn Shop Mustang Bass

The folks at Premier Guitar recently got their hands on a Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Bass and gave it an in-depth review.

The final verdict?

According to associate editor Rich Osweiler, the bass is “a great option for smaller folks, those with smaller hands, or guitarists wanting to maintain the feel to their primary instrument. And yes, it would be a great starting point for a beginner. But this is not strictly an entry-level bass in the way that many short-scale instruments are—it doesn’t play like one, and at 800 bucks, it’s not priced like one. It is a nicely built instrument that can inspire longtime bassists who might not have a short-scale in their collection.”

Premier Guitar gave the Pawn Shop Mustang Bass four-and-a-half picks out of five for both tones and value, and four out of five for playability and build/design, noting that its “little body houses a thick, thumpy, vintage-sounding tone that’s ready to go to work.”

Click here to read the full review and check out an audio demo of the bass below.


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