Premier Guitar Honors Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar With Premier Gear Award

The May issue of Premier Guitar magazine reviewed the new Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar, and honored it with a Premier Gear Award – the magazine’s highest recognition.

In Premier Guitar’s own words:

“With its smart and practical electronics, great pickups, super musical vibrato
system, and even little touches like shorter switches that prevent accidental pickup switching, the Johnny Marr Jaguar is a perfect example of how an artist with decades of playing experience across a myriad of styles can see deeper into a design’s potential, and help a manufacturer build a better mousetrap.”

The Johnny Marr Signature Jag got nearly five stars in each of the magazine’s rating categories, and earned shining closing remarks:

“For the player that can approach each and every guitar as a blank slate and relishes every guitar’s potential as an expressive tool, the Johnny Marr Jaguar will be a carnival of sonic possibilities.”

Read the entire review at www.premierguitar.com


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