Praise for the Fender “Blackface” Twin Reverb from Premier Guitar

Twin Reverb

Premier Guitar recently posted their list of “5 Amps That Define the Music We Hear-and the Gear We Play,” and it included the Fender “Blackface” Twin Reverb.

The article gives a brief history of the Fender Twin, which was first introduced in September 1963.

“The classic Twin sound is the powerful, bell-like tone of early blackface models,” notes PG. “Twins have been used by the Beatles, Mike Bloomfield, Jerry Garcia (his first amp was a ’63 Twin Reverb that he used for most of his career), Keith Richards, Don Rich, Steve Howe, B.B. King, James Burton, Mike Jones of the Sex Pistols, Eric Johnson, and even Kurt Cobain. In short, Twins have been and are everywhere. They’re clean at virtually any volume, making them a nice jazz amp or an impeccable blank canvas for pedal experimentation—which is why pedal manufacturers and reviewers often use them to audition pedals.”

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