PG Features 1964 Fender Bassman Head and Cabinet

Premier Guitar features a vintage 1964 Fender Bassman Head and Cabinet in its May 2011 issue.

As Seth Hansen notes, “Many old-school gearheads agree that the Bassman is one of the holy grails of tone with a reputation of always being up to the task of delivering a loud, raw, in-your-face rock sound when cranked, or easily coaxed into a deep, full, and distinct clean sound when dialed back.”

He also raises the usual debate among Bassman aficionados as to which Bassman circuit offers that true Bassman sound.

“Is it the original ‘50s tweed 5D6 (’55), 5E6-A (’55-’57), or 5F6-A (’58-’60) circuit?” ponders Hansen. “Maybe the 6G6 circuit in the blonde amps of the early ‘60s? What about the blackface AA165 of the pre-CBS years?”

Read the full article here, and then share your POV on the debate in our comment section below!


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