Pete Wentz Reveals Latest Project

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Pete Wentz is the latest member of Fall Out Boy to announce a new project. The Squier signature artist has formed a new group called Black Cards.

“When FOB went on hiatus, I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself,” says Wentz on the band’s new website. “I know I wanted to keep traveling the world with my family. We had been to Jamaica recently. I spent a lot of time hanging around the beaches and I started to get inspired again by songs like “two sevens clash” and “warriors”. I’d never heard any of these songs but could imagine them having an everlasting imprint, like people would dance to this stuff forever. I could feel these songs really meant something. Not just in Jamaica but globally, crossing through culture and language.”

Wentz goes on to explain that he enlisted a female vocalist because he couldn’t imagine trying to replace FOB’s lead singer Patrick Stump.

Give the new tunes a sample spin here.


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