Pawn Shop Series "Fun & Enormously Capable Set of Guitars"

Premier Guitar was the first group outside Fender walls to get a gander at the new Pawn Shop Series, and as such, the line appears on the cover of its May issue. Inside is a lengthy review of the three models — Pawn Shop ’51, ’72 and Mustang Special — by Charles Saufley.

“… the ’51 is a beautifully simple, comfortable, intuitive, and inviting guitar that can gnash, purr and sing,” he writes.

As for the ’72, Saufley says, “If you’re feeling a bit brash, bell bottomed, and/or funky—and you have the GTO gassed and good to go—the Pawn Shop ’72 is your axe.”

Saufley also notes that the ’72 “kicks hard from the bridge pickup and slings Zep and Paul Kossoff tones whether you’re jamming a big or small amp.”

In discussing the “student model,” Saufley points out that its “handsomely gleaming, chrome-covered pickups are the most overt deviation from traditional Mustang design.”

Saufley concludes his review with this verdict:

“The Pawn Shop Series is a fun and enormously capable set of guitars. It’s hard to imagine classic rockers not finding a sound to love every time they plug in a ’51 or ‘721, and the far-ranging, jack-of-all-trades versatility and sonic richness of the Mustang Special will stun those who have never taken this little Fender seriously.”

Check out the review in its entirety at premierguitar.com.


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