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Recording magazine

The new Fender Passport Studio is featured on the cover of the March issue of Recording. The magazine for the recording musician includes a thorough review of the world’s first truly portable world-class studio monitoring system.

“While one could argue that there’s nothing really new under the sun, Fender’s new Passport Studio represents a novel and well-executed solution to a common problem in the workflow of many recording engineers, and I think it’s going to appeal to a lot of folks,” writes reviewer Mike Metlay.

Metlay touches on the Passport Studio’s numerous selling points — from its portability to the Focal speakers to its front-panel controls and connectivity.

“Why shouldn’t it be possible to build a pair of really good-quality near-field studio monitors, ones you could track and mix on with confidence, into a portable enclosure like that?” he wrote in terms of its portability. “Show up with a little briefcase in hand, open it up, set it up, get to work, and neatly pack it up when you’re done. Brilliant!”

Metlay also praised the Passport Studio for its sound, writing, “Soundstaging is fantastic, with very clear and believable stereo imaging and an overall listening experience that is honest and detailed yet not fatiguing. These speakers are simply a joy to listen to.”

Lastly, he shared the impression it made at a recent gig.

“We set up the Passport Studio at our feet, just sitting on the front edge of the stage and aimed at the audience’s knees,” he shares. “Darwin Grosse and I played a two-hour set to a packed house and got a lot of compliments, but a fair percentage of them were from friends of ours, audio geeks all, who came up to stare at the Passport Studio speakers and beg us for more details on them. According to our listeners, these definitely-not-PA speakers filled the room beautifully and gave our music — admittedly it was ambient electronica with string instruments and keyboards, no drum kit or guitar amps to compete with, but still — a fantastic sound that was clear and articulate all the way to the back of the room.”

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