PAPA Debut New Video

Girls drummer Darren Weiss is a busy guy.

Not only has he been handling percussion and backing vocals for the San Francisco indie rockers, but his new project, PAPA, had been touring with Girls, as well.

As such, Weiss, who drums and sings for PAPA, was getting an intense vocal workout on a nightly basis.

PAPA, whose five-song EP A Good Woman is Hard to Find is currently available, also recently released a video for their song “I Am the Lion King.”

With a slick black-and-white look that features the quartet dancing their Chuck Taylors off, “Lion King” was inspired by a stint living in New York City.

“Being a young man in that city is like being a stick of dynamic at a gasoline party – it’s stinky, strange, explosive and wonderful,” Weiss told Rolling Stone.   “It’s enough to make anyone feel like the lion king.”

Here’s the video, and don’t miss Weiss’ brother, Evan, jamming on a Fender Jazzmaster:


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