Pangea Records “Citizens of the World”


Pangea Records “Citizens of the World”

Global Music Stars Come Together to Sing for a World Without Borders

“You know I know that is the truth
Embrace the innocence of youth
So let’s all stand up, and raise our hands up

I’ve got to let you know, we are citizens of the world
No matter where we go, no borders on our soul
We are citizens of the world”

“Citizens of the World” is a song, a video documentary and a vision of international cultural exchanges. Written by emerging New York-based rock band Flying Machines, “Citizens of the World” was performed in five different languages and recorded by the newly formed international group Pangea during a weeklong session in Los Angeles in February 2010.

Pangea is comprised of the Flying Machines and four international superstars: Khaled (Algeria/France), King Sunny Ade (Nigeria), Kailish Kher (India) and Cheng Lin (China), whose cumulative worldwide record sales to date total 73 million.

The idea for this unqiue collaboration began with the global vision of Bassam Abdallah, CEO of Equus-World, a multinational business enterprise dedicated to creating products and media that build bridges between people and cultures.

“Our dream is to show that the links between cultures are greater than their differences,” said Abdallah. “We can create media and events that build bridges between people and societies.”

Abdallah tagged multiplatinum music and media producer Spencer Proffer to spearhead the Los Angeles recording sessions, which were shot by fillmmaker and producer Harry Winer for a half-hour documentary that will air on PBS in August. Through the interviews and music captured in the “Citizens” documentary we see how these artists created not only great entertainment, but a new way of sharing music and media in the 21st century. By these artists coming together from around the world they prove the point expressed in the song — “no borders on our soul” — there truly are no borders that separate us when an opportunity is presented for us to come together to create something of beauty.

Watch Pangea’s music video below, and for more on this extraordinary lineup of artists visit pangeaworldmusic.com. Also, check out this piece on Pangea by the Wall Street Journal.


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