OK Go Hits TV Circuit with "White Knuckles"

Power -pop band OK Go hit Leno earlier this week to perform their new song “White Knuckles.” The Grammy-award winning band presented a solid front of Fender guitars, centered by singer Damian Kulash, who looked to be using a Fender Bullet from the early ‘80s.

Masters of spreading their music videos virally, OK Go premiered their official video for “White Knuckles” on Ellen DeGeneres’ show on Monday. The video, which was shot in one fluid take, features the all-white dressed quartet performing synchronized dance routines with 12 dogs. Take number 72 ended up being the one the band chose to go with, but in all, they performed this routine 124 times in order to get a flawless video.

Their effort has been quickly rewarded as “White Knuckles” has been viewed a whopping 2.8 million times. Click here and help them get to the three million mark by day four.


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