OCD Facts You Never Knew About Joe Trohman


I’m personally of the belief that there’s a little OCD hiding somewhere in all of us, which is probably why I find A&E’s show Obsessed so compelling. And as I recently discovered, I’m not alone.

Fall Out Boys/The Damned Things guitarist Joe Trohman is also a fan of the show, having happened upon it while flying Jet Blue.

“Friends had told me that I’d really like it because it’s like weirdoes like me,” shared Trohman during our phone interview for the Fender News article you can find here. “So I checked it out, but I’m not nearly as bad as what you see on that show.”

Well, not since meeting his fiancé, Marie, anyhow.

“She’s helped me — because she doesn’t have them — realize how crazy some of them are,” Trohman said. “And I love her a lot, and I don’t want to turn her off by my OCD tendencies.”

So he’s stopped washing his hands “as frequently,” and done his best to eliminate his hoarding habits, the worst of which has been his collection of cables.

“I have cables that I have no idea what they are for,” said Trohman. “Let’s say I had an old camcorder, like a VHS camcorder, and I lost it. I’d still keep all of the cables, even ones I never used when I did have it. There’s no reason to keep them, but I would get worried that I’d need them for something. So if you ever need a USB cable of any size, I have at least 30 of every kind, which is actually a lot less than I used to have.”

But he still can’t stop himself from worrying at times, especially when it comes to checking on those around him.

“I have this burning, constant need to ask people if they are OK,” explained Trohman. “Even if I just asked them two minutes ago, I’m still worried whether everything is really OK.”

Fortunately, all is OK in the Damned Things world as they ready their debut album. And so now that we’ve perhaps unearthed a few things you never knew about Trohman, click on over to our news piece where we try to do the same with his new band.


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