New Graphic Novel Focuses on Saving Future of Music

For fans of music and graphic novels, The Future Prophecy might be the next series to pick up.

Co-created by Melle Oh and Sara Simms, The Future Prophecy follows the story of heroic DJ “Sara Simms” as she unites and leads a team that includes characters such as younger sister “Melle Oh,” Decklyn Dubs and King Selah to save the future of music from the notorious Bogtown Records.

Per the storyline, Bogtown has taken control of Toronto after the Great War left the city in ruins. Bogtown’s CEO Doyle Delano, his daughter Dextra and Gui Guillotine are thought to be experimenting on humans with negative sound waves in order to build an army, leaving it up to Simms and her allies to fight corrupt DJs and music monopolies.

While the story is obviously fiction, the lead heroes and villains are based on some of the top musical talent in Canada, with their powers indirectly related to their respective styles, from dub step to rock to techno to reggae. Each issue of the graphic novel will also be accompanied by a single composed by the featured artists.

For a closer look at the action, click here for The Future Prophecy‘s official website and check out a trailer here.


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