New G-DEC® 3 Loops

TSOLblogT.S.O.L bassist Mike Roche checks out his band’s loops in the G-DEC® 3.

Attention G-DEC® 3 users! For your jamming pleasure, we are offering up seven new backing tracks created by famous artists for free upload. They are all provided as stereo CD-quality Wav files. From the hardest metal to the coolest reggae and easy-to-jam-over punk, you’ll find something here to enjoy.

Against Me Loop 1 – a nice Reggae groove in C# minor

Against Me Loop 2 – a Reggae/Ska groove in C Major

Cannibal Corpse Loop 1 – old school Death Metal, odd time signature, key of Eb

Cannibal Corpse Loop 2 – old school Death Metal, low-tuned key of Bb

Gojira Loop 1 – relentless modern metal in D

T.S.O.L Track 24 – a great Punk trio loop with drum intro; power chords in easy-to-jam-over B-D-A progression

Whitechapel Loop 1 –modern metal with rhythm changing from half-time to double-time; guitar moves from A to D



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