New G-DEC® 3 Loops


Twenty-five new stereo band tracks — from blues to funk to rock — have been added to Fender FUSE™ for G-DEC 3 users. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOADS NOW!

The Milk Run
Slow, swampy blues shuffle in E great for practicing over an alternating I and IV before ending on the V. A relaxed, languid feel, and you can just hear the porch floorboards creaking …

Huff Ballad
A slow, shimmering and sinuous R&B groove in B minor, with dual staccato guitar/bass riffs that neatly tie the descending chord progression together.

Booty Slap
Philly-style slow R&B in B minor provides the perfect foundation for clean chord fills and single-note runs.

An infectious old-school funk groove in A minor. Perfect for nailing syncopated staccato riffs and the timeless and essential rhythm guitar art of partial chord voicings.

Hit Me
A textbook mid-tempo funk groove in D. Bouncy and upbeat, it’s built around a ninth chord—D9 in this example—an undeniably funky staple of rhythm guitar.

Love, Peace, Enlightenment
A mid-tempo adult contemporary groove in C sharp. Perfect for practicing laid-back rhythm strumming, chord accents and note runs.

A soulful mid-tempo R&B groove in F with a touch of Mississippi lilt and a lighthearted I-II-IV chord progression.

A contemporary funk-pop groove in D minor with a percolating bass line and ample opportunity for melodic chord and single-note phrasing.

Rocko Socko
An ultra-funky groove in C; short, sweet and highly syncopated.

Funky Boogaloo
Funky blues based on A7 that really moves, with a great selection of chords, chord fragments and bluesy single-note melodies that tie the whole party together.

Bump & Grind
Mid-tempo blues in A with plenty of overdriven grit to practice soloing and phrasing over.

Cool Phase Groove
An unbelievably funky groove built on a phaser-swirled E9 chord. You’ll swear you’ve been teleported straight into the “famed” summer of ’75.

Diddley Bop
Who do you love? Here’s that classic, indispensable and unmistakable rumba beat, fueling a progression in E.

Funk Pants
A sharp funk groove in E, with horns and infectious upper-register bass perfect for learning syncopated rhythm guitar parts and soulful melodies, and even doubling brass parts on guitar.

Funky Clavicle
An utterly nasty funk-rock clavicle groove in E. Heavy, stomping and funky, it provides a great workout for guitarists who are a tad “superstitious.”

Funky Vibro
An insistently chugging funk rock groove in E with a no-nonsense I-III-IV chord progression perfect for screaming lead work.

A funky blues patch in G that puts your guitar right at home on the late-night talk show circuit.

Gut Wrench Funk
As the name states, a gut-wrenching funk groove. In E and quite irresistible, with a singing bass part and fluid rhythm guitar work.

NYC Funk
Old-school funk in E that evokes the bustling Big Apple with a kinetic rhythm guitar part and bubbling bass work.

Funky E
Huge bass, drums and organ barrel through a steamrolling funk groove in E.

Rock ‘n’ Roll
Straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll in E. Played using good old-fashioned I, IV and V chords, with a II chord thrown in to make things interesting.

Slow 6 Blues
Lolling, languorous 6/8-time blues in A that’ll have you mopping your brow like the height of a Southern summer afternoon. Bend a few choice notes to this one, and by all means take your time.

Slow ‘n’ Easy Blues
Traditional slow blues in E that swings elegantly with classic chord voicings, slurs and turnarounds that teach you all about the real deal.

Swing Blues
Lively blues in G that swings like a gate with some great chord voicings and rhythmic accents.

Texas Blues Shuffle
A honking blues shuffle in G that evokes the sound and musical soul of the Lone Star State and countless smoky roadside honky tonks.


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