New Fender Gig Stand

New Fender Gig Stand

Sleek 21st century design comes to the guitar stand world with the introduction of the Fender Gig Stand.

Quite apart from bulkier instrument stands with trapeze-like construction, screw tighteners and so forth, the Fender Gig Stand is a cool and highly efficient innovation with compact size, easy portability, rugged construction and light weight (little more than the average instrument cable). It folds and unfolds in seconds in two simple steps, with a slim design that holds most electric guitars and basses and makes it easy to carry in a gig bag or even your back pocket.

The stand’s rubber instrument contact surfaces provide solid grip that won’t harm guitar and bass finishes.

The Fender Gig Stand easily opens from its slim, compact closed form at left to the open form seen above and below.


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