Music Radar Reviews Vintage Hot Rod Teles

Vintage Hot Rod '50s Tele

Music Radar recently reviewed the new Vintage Hot Rod Telecaster guitars, taking a close look at both the ’50s and ’60s Teles.

The reviewer awarded the Vintage Hot Rod ’50s Tele 4.5 stars, noting that its neck humbucker, a Wide Range Special, “does a good job of replicating much of the flavour of the Seth Lover-designed units of the 1970s; it’s smoky and a little flabby, with a soft, foggy high end that begs for jazzy chord voicings, spring reverb and smooth noodling.”

Also calling it the star of the new Vintage Hot Rod Series, the reviewer praised the Tele for its “excellent tones” and “Surprisingly bend-friendly ‘board.”

Check out the entire review here.

The Vintage Hot Rod ’60s Tele earned a 4-star review and praise for its “great cutting tones for a twin guitar setup.”

The final verdict determined the guitar to be “a well-sorted Tele with a mid-to-late 60s personality and plenty of sonic variations on that theme.”

Read the full-length review here.

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