Ler LaLonde Breaks Down Touring Rig For Premier Guitar

Primus guitarist Larry “Ler” LaLonde has amassed quite a collection of guitars and effects pedals over the years, and he recently took Premier Guitar through his live gear.

During the 25-minute tour, LaLonde discusses his rig of Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters and two Pawn Shop Series Mustang Specials.

LaLonde mainly plays a stock 2011 Fender American Deluxe HSS Strat, but he also loves his replica of a green ’76 Strat that he no longer takes on the road.

“I went in and talked them into making me the sparkle green.  They were very kind to make this thing,” LaLonde said.

LaLonde also told a story about how he once performed surgery on his original green Strat as a teenager.

“I was about 16 and had to put a humbucker in my guitar,” he explained.  ”I opened it up, and it didn’t fit, so I went in the kitchen, found a steak knife… It fit eventually.”

View the full rig rundown below:

Primus toured North America extensively in 2011 in support of their latest album, Green Naugahyde, and the band has a list of European dates already planned for 2012.

For more information, visit Primus’ official website.


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