Keith Urban Used Waylon Jennings Tele on "Georgia Woods"

NPR is currently streaming country superstar Keith Urban’s new album, Get Closer, which dropped today. Listen to it here.

Urban says the album took a new sonic direction, partially because of a change in his gear.

“I used a lot of new guitars this time, because all of mine got lost in the flood,” says Urban. “It was a real blessing in the end, because it got me out of my comfort zone, and I was really focused on making music, and not what we were making it with.”

However, Get Closer track “Georgia Woods” does feature a unique guitar that escaped the May 2010 Nashville floods  — a Fender Telecaster formerly owned by Waylon Jennings.

“It was submerged in water, but, luckily, the leather seemed to have protected it,” Urban told the Tennessean of the guitar, which is covered in black-and-white hand-tooled leather. “It’s a magical sounding instrument.

“With ‘Georgia Woods,’ the riffs that open the song were straight from that Telecaster, plugged into a Fender twin amp,” continued Urban. “The line, ‘What kind of spell is this you cast on me?’ comes from the simmering atmosphere of that music, and (co-writer) Darrell Scott and I took it from there. I love when that happens. It’s elusive.”

CMT.com has a photo of the guitar here.

Urban will promote the album with a performance on NBC’s Today Show tomorrow followed by CBS’ The Early Show on Thursday.


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