Johnny Marr Inspired 'Inception' Score

In an article on spinner.com, Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer tells how The Smiths/ /Modest Mouse/The Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr inspired his new score for the summer’s highly anticipated film Inception.

“I couldn’t figure out the sound that I was chasing and I realized it was Johnny (Marr),” Zimmer tells Spinner. “It was not even the sound from [Johnny's] records or anything like this. There’s a personality that comes across in a great player and a great artist has a stamp of humanity, a stamp of emotion that’s singularly theirs. I realized I’m writing for this guy that I don’t know.”

After approval from Inception’s director Chris Nolan, Zimmer reached out to Marr, who dove right in.

Get all of the details in the spinner piece here and watch the video below to see Marr play the score live with a 20-piece orchestra during the film’s premiere.  (Tip: Fast forward to around the six-minute mark for an interview with Marr and Zimmer and then skip to the eight-and-a-half-minute mark to see Marr onstage.)


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