Johnny Marr Drops New Video for ‘Easy Money’

Johnny Marr didn’t waste much time to put together a follow-up to his 2013 debut solo album, The Messenger.

Playlist is set to come out Oct. 6 in the U.K. and Oct. 7 elsewhere via Warner Music Group, and the sophomore effort continues along the same musical vein as his previous effort—jangly guitars and Marr’s commentary on the struggle between societal classes.

“I just wanted to take the energy of the band I was touring with and put it into the new songs,” he told Rolling Stone. “I kept on writing as soon as The Messenger came out. I wrote a few songs on the road and kicked them around in soundcheck. I didn’t want to change up what I was doing; I just wanted it to be more of it.”

For a taste of the new album, Marr recently dropped a video for its track “Easy Money,” which shows the legendary Smiths guitarist performing in an empty bar before he runs about town through a casino, arcade and amusement park.

Watch the clip below.


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