John 5 Shares his Top Five "Not-So-Guilty Pleasures of All Time" with Music Radar

In a recent interview with Music Radar, shred master John 5 expressed his mad love for country music.

“Country music is so important to me,” he told Music Radar. “It’s always funny – with my friends growing up, and even now with some musicians I know, they’ll say, ‘Ah, country. I don’t want to listen to that.’ But then I’ll start playing it and they’ll be knocked out. It’s completely different from the metal shred thing. And the guitar playing – you’re using all of your fingers. The playing style is night and day.”

That explains in part why he has a colossal collection of Telecasters (including a signature model). Although the Tele is as versatile as can be, it’s often associated with country music for it’s bright and instantly recognizable twang.

The Fender signature artist also named his top five favorite non-metal albums, including Home by the Dixie Chicks and Doc Watson’s The Best of Doc Watson 1964-1968.

Visit www.musicaradar.com to read the full interview.


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