JFA's Brannon Brings Strat To Afghanistan

In the latest edition of  The Skateboard Mag, JFA singer Brian Brannon shares his story of a recent trip to Afghanistan and searching for places to skate while there.

He also made sure he brought his Fender Stratocaster to pass the time.

Brannon revealed in an interview with TXPunk.net that he was serving a tour in Afghanistan as a member of the Navy Reserve.

“I joined the Navy Reserve after 9/11 because I wanted to do something more than drive around with a flag on my car,” he said.  ”Since then I’ve been all around the world, Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama, Hawaii, Cuba, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines. Now it’s time to do my duty to support the effort in Afghanistan and I’m going to head over for about 7 or 8 months.”

Judging by this video, which was shot after Brannan’s return, he can still wail (warning: spicy language):


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