JEFF the Brotherhood Rocks with the Power of Two

The small puff of smoke that blurted out of a fog machine as JEFF the Brotherhood took the PlayStation stage Saturday at Lollapalooza was a funny start to what ended being a powerful concert.

Two unassuming brothers – Jake and Jamin Orrall – walked out in beat-up denim shorts, with a spare drum kit and a three-string guitar waiting for them.

But do those boys know how to get the most out of those instruments and amps turned up to 11, or what? As the fog machine warmed up and blew billowing clouds throughout the set, JEFF the Brotherhood had a larger-than-they’re-used-to crowd playing air-band along with them.

Having released Hypnotic Nights earlier this month with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach producing, the Brotherhood have taken their two-man tunes to another level.

Yes, the fuzzed out guitar work of Jake and Jamin’s Animal-style attack on the drums create the backbone of JEFF the Brotherhood’s sound.┬áBut Hypnotic Nights has its poppier moments, perhaps most-notably in the lead single, the infinitely catchy “Sixpack,” a song that came later in their performance.

They also brought out some of their harder tracks, such as the nimble “Shredder” and punk-tinged “U Got the Look.”

As JEFF the Brotherhood’s show wound down – before Lollapalooza was interrupted by a severe weather warning that evacuated Grant Park – Jake noted, “Shit, there’s a lot more of you than we’re used to.”

They might be a small band, but there could be some big things on the horizon for these brothers.


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