Jeff Beck Contributes Presets to the G-DEC® 3


Back in January at the 2010 Fender Showcase, we had the privilege of sitting backstage with Jeff Beck, his well-used signature Stratocaster, and a new G-DEC® 3 Thirty. He relentlessly manipulated the Strat’s strings, controls, and whammy arm with the strength of an engine mechanic while we tweaked the amp’s settings. Jeff explained to us that he has several go-to combinations of amp, rack effects and stomp boxes for specific songs and musical styles.

Although we posted a quick video from his visit at the time, what we couldn’t say was that we saved five of these presets in the G-DEC 3 and brought it back to Fender headquarters to prep as FREE downloads for Fender® FUSE™, an online web community that was recently launched for G-DEC 3 owners. Fender FUSE is the place to get your G-DEC 3 connected with fellow users to trade amp presets, tips and tricks. You’ll also be able to download new presets, backing tracks, and other content directly from Fender.

So get started with one or all five presets from one of the world’s top guitarists by clicking here. Here’s names and descriptions of each of the five presets:

Jeff played the opening chords to “People Get Ready” when we set up this preset. It’s got a “rock-n-roll clean tone” with Blackface Drive amp type, Arena Reverb and very subtle delay and flanger effects added.

JeffBeck Lead
Jeff likes this type of gainy tone for nasty, finger-picked leads and double-stops. When we were creating this preset, he sometimes turned the tone control down on his Strat’s bridge pickup for a more growling sound. A Hall Reverb and a very subtle Delay round out this fine preset.

JeffBeck Slap
Jeff loves the original ’50s Rockabilly artists like Elvis, Johnny Burnette, and especially Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps, whose lead guitarist Cliff Gallup was a particular favorite. We dialed in this slapback preset while Jeff played a bunch of Cliff-like licks with his pinky nudging the vibrato bar throughout.

Jeff owns and uses several Fender Tweed amps, old and new. At his suggestion, we set up this preset which includes a Fender ’63 spring reverb in front of the amp, for an authentic old-school spank.

JeffBeck Echo
This is one of Jeff’s staple lead tones, a slightly overdriven tone with a long delay and some reverb. Many of his best-loved instrumentals like “Nadia” and “Where Were You” contain volume swells and chiming harmonics, enhanced by this setup. Jeff teased the Fender staff with hints of those songs while we crafted this preset.



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