Is Your Guitar an Extension of You?

norvellJustin Norvell at the 2010 Fender Showcast

A Q&A with Fender’s director of electric guitar marketing Justin Norvell was recently featured in the “New Ish: People, Places, Things” blog as part of a series leading up to the Classics Album Cover Art Exhibition, held in late February in Washington, D.C.

One of the gems of the interview is when Norvell touches on the personal relationship that musicians have with their guitars.

“It’s tactile, it’s portable, it fits with your body, it moves both with and against you in symbiosis or struggle. A drum set or grand piano doesn’t have the same freedom of expression; it’s less connected to the person,” said Norvell. “Since the guitar becomes like an extension of the player, it becomes super sentimental and emotional. Also, guitars hold the stories of the songs written on them, the songs still yet to be unlocked from inside them, and the dents and scratches tell the story of a musician’s experience and journey.  I’ve talked to countless artists that can tell you where every scratch came from on their instrument, like it’s their personal 3-D musical biography.”

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