Introducing Bassman® TV™ Panel Combo Bass Amps

Introducing Bassman® TV™ Panel Combo Bass Amps
Four new bass amps pair modern features with ’50s-era tweed TV looks

The four new Bassman TV Panel combo bass amps.

Fender is proud to introduce its Bassman TV Panel combo bass amps—four new bass amps that carry the DNA of the original Bassman amp—the first amplifier to deliver the sound of the Fender Precision Bass® guitar when that revolutionary instrument was introduced in the early 1950s.

The four combos are the Bassman TV Ten, Bassman TV Twelve, Bassman TV Fifteen and Bassman TV Duo Ten. They are medium-power bass combo amps with simple controls and classic tweed-covered “TV-front” looks that are unmistakably Fender.

Each combo is driven by a tube preamp and a passive tone stack, resulting in the thick, natural tones that are the longtime hallmarks of the Fender bass sound. Further, their touch-responsive design produces warm tone that, when pushed harder, develops a slightly aggressive tube-driven bite that cuts through stage and studio mixes.

The bass amp world certainly has its share of enormous, unwieldy black speaker cabinets and increasingly complex amplifiers with more dials, switches, buttons and lights than Mission Control. In contrast, the new Bassman combos represent Fender’s meticulously researched and elegantly designed response to something for which bass players have asked for years—simple, medium-power bass combos that match great sound with classic looks, easy portability and convenient compatibility with modern recording and live sound gear.

The Bassman TV Ten is simple and to the point, pushing a tight 150 watts into a single 10” speaker with basic volume, bass, mid and treble controls. The Bassman TV Twelve is also 150 watts, but additionally includes a separate gain control, “deep” and “bright” switches (for low-end and high-end boost) and a 12” speaker. The larger Bassman TV Fifteen and TV Duo Ten have the same preamp as the TV Twelve, but deliver a conservatively rated 350 watts through a single 15” speaker and two punchy 10” speakers, respectively. Each amp produces distinctive Fender bass tone clearly derived from the original Bassman.

A few modern conveniences were added to maximize functionality—an XLR line output on every model to provide easy and direct compatibility with modern recording and live performance gear, and removable casters (on the Bassman TV Fifteen and Bassman TV Duo Ten) for ease of transport. Otherwise, they expertly mirror the appearance of their 1950s predecessors, with gorgeous lacquered tweed covering and vintage-style TV-panel front and grille cloth.

Visit the website for Fender’s new Bassman TV Panel Combo Bass Amps here …


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