'Instrument' Takes You Behind Infamous Instruments

This month, Chronicle Books released Instrument, a photo book from Spin contributor Pat Graham, and it offers many exclusive nuggets behind many artists’ infamous tools.

Johnny Marr’s ’63 Fender Jaguar is one of the instruments taking center stage.

“I like the Jag because it is a little restrictive to play, and that’s a good thing,” Marr said in the collection.  ”I have to work with the limitations of the guitar. It gives me quite a strong direction. It’s too feminine to play many power chords. That’s what appeals to me about the Rickenbacker as well. They sound really good, clear, and clean, and a lot of guitars don’t sound that great clean; they need the amplifier to do 30 to 40 percent of the work.

“As a machine, the Jaguar does what a Strat does, but with more of an all-encompassing sound, and I can pretty much do everything I want on it. I ended up playing a Fender Jaguar exclusively for the next five years. I still do.”

In addition, the book highlights Thurston Moore’s ’61 Fender Jazzmaster, Kim Gordon’s ’66 Fender Jaguar and Nick Zinner’s Fender Stratocaster.

Instrument is available here.


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