IK Multimedia's Exclusive Q&A with Fender's Amp Expert

Senior Product Manager of Fender Guitar Amplifiers Shane Nicholas recently sat down with IK Multimedia for an exclusive Q&A.

Here’s a snippet …

Q: What is it about a Fender amp that makes it stand out from other amplifiers?
A. I played mostly Fender amps even before I came to work for the company. As a guitarist, I really like an amp that delivers and enhances the tone of my guitars without masking it. Some amps just sort of make every guitar sound the same. With most Fender amps, you can unplug the Strat and plug in the Tele, and the nuances are immediately apparent. I also love Fender amps for the mid-gain territory where you can hit the string harder and get more distortion, or lighten up your touch for a clean sound. This kind of dynamic response is a Fender specialty. We think about this a lot with every amp we design.

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