How A Fender Mustang ‘Changed Everything’ for the 1975

The 1975
The 1975 at Coachella. Photo by Josh Giroux.

MusicRadar recently caught up with guitarists Matt Healy and Adam Hann from UK band the 1975 to discuss their hit 2013 self-titled debut album.

As to their sudden breakout success, Healy had this to say:

“I think it’s because we just released a wealth of material that people could make their own mind up about and find themselves in, as opposed to being told by the f**king NME that we’re the next biggest band in the world… We didn’t get any lists [at the start of 2013], everything’s been publicly driven.”

The band, which is in the middle of playing back-to-back weekends at Coachella, also dished on the importance of guitar in their live shows.

“There is such a wishy-washy idea of what a band is now, and I think people do relate to a classic formula, albeit with a more forward-thinking sound,” said Healy. “And the guitars in our music need to be emphasized. You can have certain things on computers or samplers, but you can’t have a guitar that’s not live. It makes it a band.”

Specifically, Healy is a huge fan of the Fender Mustang, owning models from 1965, ’67, ’68 and ’78.

“That guitar changed my life!” he told MR. “I don’t use the word too lightly, but I got very depressed and I was in a bad way, just after a time when the band very much didn’t get signed. Our manager was going to Los Angeles and just said, ‘Just come with me and get away from it.’ So I went and I met loads of people and I ended up going out and looking for a guitar. I bought my ’65 Mustang and, since then, everything just changed.”

He continued, “I’m very small as well, so it’s a great shape on me. Plus, if we’re going to be a big band, I want to have a synonymous shape!”

Read the full interview here.



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