Hellcat Acoustic Fits Civet


Homewrecker (left) and Graves.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Hutchens

Lead singer and guitarist Liza Graves of Civet, a self-described “femme fatale punk rock” band that has erupted on the L.A. scene, is quite pleased with her new Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic.

“Fender made a beautiful guitar that plays like a dream and really feels like home,” said Graves.

Graves and her all-female band have ties to the Rancid frontman, who signed the group to his Hellcat label and then co-wrote Civet’s “All I Want.”

“It started out as a song Tim had written for someone else, a pop singer or something, I think,” explains Graves. “He really wanted us to do one of his songs on the record and we were like, ‘Sure, why not?’ Tim and I had to sit down to make it work for this band.”

These days she’s using his Fender signature acoustic to pen her own.

“Fender’s Hellcat acoustic is a songwriter’s dream. It pulls the hits right out of me,” said Graves. “We are going to owe Fender some royalties on the next record at the rate I’m going writing songs on this damn thing!”

Her fellow Civet guitarist, Suzi Homewrecker, also had praise for the instrument.

“It plays like an old worn-in vintage,” said Homewrecker. “This is definitely a guitar I will be playing for years to come, and will be recommending to every player I know!”

Considering Civet’s debut album was penned Hell Hath No Fury, let’s just say we’re happy they’re happy!


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